Solve x^2=49 , where x is a real number.

Accepted Solution

Hello there! The answer to your question is -7 and 7.Remember: A real number is any number that can be displayed on a number line. Taking this, and using basic properties of multiplication, we want to find what number multiplied by itself would equal 49.Well, 7 times 7 equals 49, so we have our answer. But, 7 isn't our only value for x. Remember that when you multiply with negatives, two negatives cancel each other out and you are left with a positive, making -7 another solution. I hope this helped you get an answer and have a great day! If you need more help with this question, i will be glad to help you, just ask! If you need help with another question just link me to your question on brainly and i can try my best to help! :)